Why Eco-Conscious Buyers Should Consider Vinyl Windows for their Home

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When considering window installation in San Jose, there are many reasons why you should consider vinyl. Windows made from this plastic material, which is derived from chlorine and ethylene, has the highest insulation rating, allowing you to save money on heating and cooling costs. Aside from this, vinyl also requires very little maintenance save for the occasional cleaning, making them ideal for busy homeowners. And perhaps most importantly, vinyl windows are considerably cheaper than other options, so you can have great-looking windows without spending a fortune.

That being said, one factor that many buyers ask about is the sustainability of vinyl as a window material. This is hardly surprising, given that 71% of American consumers think “green” when considering purchases, according to a 2013 study by the Cone Communication Group.

So what’s the real deal with vinyl windows?

Vinyl Windows

Talking About Carbon

Because the manufacturing process often entails the usage of electricity, products often embody a certain amount of carbon usage. The same is true when producing vinyl windows. However, compared to other plastic products, vinyl consumes up to 20% less energy, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Squeaky Clean 

As previously mentioned, vinyl windows are very low maintenance. As such, it requires no special cleaning agents to keep it looking great—just wash it with good old-fashioned soap and water and you’re good to go. Because of its simple cleaning requirements, vinyl windows help reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that go down the drain.

Longevity You Can Depend On 

Another great thing about vinyl windows is that they can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Vinyl is invulnerable to rust and corrosion, and it’s also naturally resistant to denting. Their excellent longevity means that you won’t need to replace them every so often, which lessens the amount of scrap vinyl that goes into the country’s dumps.

Reuse and Recycle 

Window manufacturers such as Milgard also utilizes recycled vinyl to help reduce waste products. For instance, their vinyl windows are made of 10-15% recycled content, and the company also embraces other sustainability practices to help reduce its environmental impact.

Proven environmental sustainability is yet another reason to consider getting vinyl windows in San Jose. If you’re interested in installing them, be sure to get in touch only with trusted contractors to get the widest selection of vinyl windows. 

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