Top Three Reasons You Should Choose Aluminum Windows for Your Home

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Like any other place in this world, San Jose residents need to consider several factors in deciding the right window installation for their respective homes. Window types, performance and functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, and government regulations tend to affect a homeowner’s choice of window installation or replacement.

While most regular customers put their time and effort learning the different glass materials and the design style a builder can utilize for a simple installation, a few discerning consumers give attention to the type of window frame they should use for their home project.

There are three most popular materials for window frames that are chosen more often than any other: wood/timber, aluminum, and uPVC. Though each material has its own pros and cons, aluminum windows are gaining a lot of prominence with San Jose builders and contractors as well as homeowners over the traditional wood and the more technologically advance uPVC.

Here are the top three reasons why aluminum windows are the best for your home:

Aluminum Window

It Is Cheap

Perhaps its biggest advantage, aluminum frames are known for their very affordable prices compared to other two materials. This is especially interesting for those who are dreaming of doing home repair and renovations but are having budget constraint concerns in terms of materials.

Purchasing aluminum frames for your windows installation project means that you can spend the money you save on hiring professional installers, like SGK Home Solutions in San Jose, instead.

It Is Durable 

Contrary to popular belief, aluminum’s low price does not equate to poor quality. In this case, the price is only affected by the wide availability of the aluminum raw material but the manufacturing quality stays true. Aluminum metal is well-known for its durability that it resists cracking and splitting under normal circumstances.

It is also not prone to rusting or any chemical degradation that can ultimately reduce its durability – unlike wood frames that are prone to termite infestations and rot.

Furthermore, aluminum frames are relatively unreactive to extreme temperatures, making it the perfect choice for houses that are exposed to varying weather conditions and other outside elements.

It Requires Low to Zero Maintenance 

Unlike wooden frames, which require a high level of maintenance to keep the moisture out, aluminum frames almost requires no maintenance. Aluminum frames are generally unreactive to moisture and temperature, and is highly unlikely to be infested by pests and insects. Your sole concern with aluminum frames is the slight dulling of color if not maintained.

Maintenance only includes wiping and cleaning the aluminum frames. It is definitely far less tedious than providing regular treatments to wooden frames to keep it as good as new.

Aside from these benefits, aluminum windows also offer better noise reduction, which is especially useful if you live in a busy city like San Jose.

For Value and Design, Choose Aluminum Windows,

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