Three Warning Signs That It’s Time to Consider Window Replacement ASAP

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Your windows are exposed to the elements 24/7, and years of wear can take a serious toll on its looks and functionality. While there are times when old windows can still be repaired, there are many cases when the only solution to wear and tear is to have them replaced.

There are many immediate advantages to window replacement in San Jose. For instance, these increase energy-efficiency, lower the noise level, and enhance the beauty of your home. Yet for many homeowners, window replacement can be a tricky question to answer.

three warning signsKnowing the signs of failing windows will help you make the right decision whether to make the investment.

You Can Already Feel the Drafts

Even windows of the highest quality will let in a small amount of air. However, you should never be able to notice or feel it. Windows warp over time, which can create gaps and problems in operation. The longer you ignore this problem, the more air your old windows will allow to penetrate. This can put your home’s comfort in jeopardy. It can also lead to higher energy bills since drafty windows allow precious hot and cool air to escape.

While weather stripping can seem like an obvious solution to this problem, note that drafts are already signs of damaged or missing weather stripping. Instead of this temporary fix, windows replacement offer a more lasting key to the issue.

You Notice Condensation on the Glass

Fog or condensation inside double-paned or triple-paned window glass can belie a pressing issue. These can spell seal failure, which ultimately allows moisture to enter between panes of glass. No condensation, but you see a white film? This can mean the same thing since this film is left by calcium due to condensation as well. When this occurs, you already know that your windows are failing to do their job to act as a barrier to cold air.

You Find it Hard to Open or Close Your Windows

This is one of the signs that it’s time to have your windows replaced. Windows that refuse to open or shut smoothly indicate problems with the balance mechanism. More than being minor annoyance, this problem can be a potential hazard and security issue for you and your loved ones.

These window problems can greatly inhibit your enjoyment of your home. Investing in windows replacement from San Jose window companies provides a long-term solution to such issues, so consult them today to help you make a final decision.


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