The Right Windows Can Help Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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Whether you need to install windows in a new construction home in San Jose or you are searching for the right windows to install as part of an upgrade to an existing home, you may consider how influential your choice will be on energy efficiency in the home.


When you think about windows, energy efficiency may not be something that comes to mind, and you may be more focused on choosing a stylish model that will look great on the interior and exterior of your home. While this is important, it is also beneficial to learn more about the impact of windows on energy efficiency for your San Jose home.

The Passage of Light

When sunlight enters the home through the windows, it can cause the air inside the home to become increasingly warm. During the warmer days of the year, this can cause the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to in order to keep the home’s indoor climate cool and comfortable. Some windows from San Jose companies have UV protection that can minimize the impact of solar heating and that can also prevent damage to window treatments, flooring and more from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Insulation in Panes of Glass

When you select the windows to install in your home, you can pay attention to how many panes of glass are in the windows. A single pane of glass generally is far less energy efficient as a window that has two or three panes. There often is air or gas between the panes of glass that further prevent temperature transference. When the temperature differential is considerable between the interior and exterior of the home, the added insulation with extra panes of glass can be beneficial at promoting energy efficiency with the heating or cooling system.

When you think about installing new windows in one or more areas of your home, you may not immediately think about energy efficiency. However, you can see that the UV protection as well as the insulation between panes of glass in the windows will impact energy efficiency. Keep in mind that your home’s windows can be dressed up with blinds, shutters and other types of window treatments to further take advantage of these energy efficiency benefits in different ways.



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