Telltale Signs You Need to Get Replacement Windows for Your Home

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Most homeowners neglect checking up on their windows, thinking that for as long as it’s not broken, or hasn’t fallen off yet, it’s still good. However, this is not necessarily the case. A deteriorating window may not always look it, but its efficiency in insulating the home can most certainly be compromised already.


Are you sure your windows are not up for some good change yet? Here are some tips on finding out if it’s time for you to consider getting replacement windows in San Jose.

They don’t close or open properly anymore – A major feature of windows is that it is able to either keep the unwanted outdoor elements like dust or rain, or let a good amount of sunshine and fresh air into the house. If the window can’t open or close properly anymore, then these functionalities won’t be efficiently fulfilled.

Whether it is a broken latch or lock, once this happens, you know it’s time to get that window replaced immediately. Especially because a problem like this also compromises your safety.

Problematic Frames and Seals

This is one of those unnoticeable things that have serious repercussions if left unattended. Window seals are important because it makes sure that no draft gets in through the gaps between the frame and the glass. Some would try to remedy it simply by applying more sealant to it, however, this is not really fixing the problem.

In other instances, a failed sealant is compounded by a damaged window frame. So even if the sealant may close up the gaps in between, the cracks in frames will still be letting the draft in. Not only will it be letting unwanted drafts in, it’s also not going to be able to hold off the noise outside from getting through. Actually, once you start hearing noise from outside even when the windows are shut, it’s a pretty telling sign that you should get window replacement in San Jose.

Single Panes

If your windows are single pane, you really should look into replacing your windows. These are actually the least efficient among all types, which means that the heat transfer is greater between outdoors and indoors. This means that you’re wasting energy even without you knowing it.

Window damage can end up being more costly in the long run if you don’t get it fixed immediately. Get professional help from companies that are experienced in dealing with window replacements, like SGK Home Solutions. You’ll be doing not just your windows, but your entire home a favor.


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