Style and Energy-Efficiency: The Top Factors in Choosing Home Windows

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While windows might be the most structurally underrated piece in any San Jose home, it is wise to give its choosing the necessary attention as windows add more than aesthetic, but also include practical features as well. Windows provide that inviting, welcoming atmosphere that cannot be replaced with any artificial lighting or lamp effects.

It is not just a matter of size and shape anymore

Gone are the days when a homeowner’s concerns are the size, shape, and materials of their exterior windows. Some countries like Australia require builders and architects to inform homeowners that the windows should follow certain specifications to make it more energy-efficient. Though windows in San Jose homes are not yet subjected to such stringent measures, most homeowners feel that they will benefit the most if they can follow the steps of their foreign counterparts.

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Thus, even if being architecturally stylish, pleasing to the eye, and budget-friendly are still the top factors in choosing windows for their home, energy-efficiency easily takes the next top spot in factors affecting a homeowner’s choice.

These factors remain the same regardless if you are aiming to install brand new windows or are just looking to replace the old ones. At times, energy-efficiency even supersedes a homeowner’s concerns budget constraints as the dollars saved from electricity bills far outweighs the dollars spent in installing an energy-efficient window.

The cost-saving benefits of energy-efficient windows

At first glance, it might be hard to imagine just how much cost-savings you can get from switching or installing energy-efficient windows in your home. The most obvious source of savings is the reduction of artificial light usage. Getting adequate natural light inside your home is beneficial as you don’t have to turn your overhead lights and lamps on whenever you enter a room. Curtains and blinds are used to manually manipulate the natural light coming inside a room so too much or too little won’t be a problem.

However, an energy-efficient window has an added value of minimizing the usage of artificial heating or cooling as it can insulate either temperature extremes four times better than your conventional window. Materials of energy-efficient windows can include low-emissivity or double-glazed glass plus good frames and weather seals. These things give you the most cost-saving benefits.

While some might be turned off with the initial overall outlay, the long-term savings coupled with stylish exterior designs are enough to get any San Jose homeowner to think about replacing their current home windows.

Ask your local builder or a San Jose home solutions provider, like SGK Home Solutions, if you want to know more about energy-efficient windows and how you can install one in your home.

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