San Jose Windows Company on 4 Creative Ways to Brighten Dark Interiors

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Staying in a dark and gloomy space can certainly put a damper on daily living. Natural light provides more than just your daily dose of vitamin D, it can also give your life some much needed sunshine, literally and figuratively. Since the amount of natural light can have a dramatic effect on your mood, your San Jose windows company shares with you four ways to brighten up your dim interior.

Repaint the room

It’s amazing what light-colored paint can do to transform your room. Bright yellows and oranges, sky blue, and all shades of white can open a room and reflect light. For texture, go with semi- and high-gloss, as these finishes reflect light best.

Creative Ways to Brighten Dark Interiors

Add a mirror or two

Mirrors can be a practical way to light up a dark room. Mirror tiles that go straight from the ceiling to the floor can make a huge impact in terms of ambient illumination. Table, wall, and standing mirrors are other great reflective options. Another benefit of using mirrors is that they create the illusion of space, which can be great for a small room.

Replace your existing windows with larger ones

This is the most expensive method on this list, but if you’ve got the budget for it, enlarging your windows can open up a room and flood it with warm natural light. You’ll be able to bathe in the warmth of the sun as it shines through your bigger windows.

Use recessed lighting

Sometimes, it’s all about working with what you have. If natural light is impossible to bring into your home, try experimenting with artificial options. For instance, recessed light fixtures to provide ample illumination to an overarching ceiling. By adding a dimmer switch to your light fixtures, you can create a romantic mood or bold statement. If you have bright bulbs already installed, you can use ‘can lights’ and redirect the beams toward the walls and ceilings to reduce large shadows and induce a soft, warm glow in the room.

Whichever option you choose, a San Jose windows and home renovation company such as SGK Home Solutions can provide you with any service you need to make your home a livelier and lovelier place. Get in touch with them to learn which option or options work best with the space you have available.


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