San Jose Window Installation: Is it Okay to Have it Done in Winter?

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It’s practically common knowledge that the best time to have new windows installed is during spring, summer and fall. The comfort of the installers aside, cold weather can spell disaster for certain window materials when they’re installed during the cold. However, if you plan to install vinyl windows for your San Jose home, you can lay that fear to rest. Here are the reasons why there’s no need for you to put off vinyl window installation until the weather warms up.

San Jose Window Installation


In winter, the demand for vinyl window products and services is much lower than in other seasons, and for this reason, many window companies are willing to entice customers through discounts and other promos. Typically, you get to save up to 10 percent than what you would have spent if you have your windows installed during the warmer months.


During winter, installers can accommodate you sooner because the work load will be lighter. They also won’t be rushing to get to the next job, which means they can focus more on the task at hand and spend more time before each installation. If you call them in the spring, summer or fall, they may already have plenty of customers lined up, and it may take days and even weeks before they can get to you.


If your windows are grossly inefficient, then your home will be colder than it should, and you’ll have to work your heater harder to keep warm. In this case, you’ll be spending more on your electric bills and feel less comfortable in your own home. Sure, replacing your windows can be a discomfort in itself as this will allow more of the cold air to seep into your home, but it will only be temporary. The immediate comfort and savings you receive from a winter window replacement makes all that trouble worthwhile.

What about caulking?

Any savvy homeowner knows that insulation and caulking takes longer to cure during winter, but fear not, for trusted San Jose window installers use certain insulation and caulking products that work well regardless of the weather. Thus, after the installation, you’ll immediately feel the effect of your new vinyl windows. The cold drafts will disappear, and your home will be the warm, cozy and inviting space you want it to be.

Vinyl windows in San Jose

San Jose homeowners rely on local window installation professionals such as SGK Home Solutions to get the job done right regardless of the season.




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