San Jose Windows Company Pioneers Home Energy Efficiency in Bay Area

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San Jose, California (July 7, 2014) – SGK Home Solutions, Inc., a respected San Jose windows company, has pioneered the use of energy efficient windows in their replacement jobs that result to more sustainable homes in California’s Bay Area. The windows company has been providing Bay Area homes this benefit using the Energy Star®-qualified products of manufacturer Milgard.

Home energy efficiency is an issue close to Californians and to every American as costs of electricity remain to be volatile and often surge to all-time high prices. As a company that is genuinely concerned for the welfare of its customers, SGK Home Solutions is strongly advocating for a viable solution that is close to their expertise: energy efficient windows. The general public can turn to this option to lower their electricity consumption as the Department of Energy has already said that this is a useful technology to sustain energy efficiency.

SGK Home Solutions, Inc. is a leading San Jose windows company that can give every homeowner free estimates for their window replacement projects. They have online representatives that can be immediately contacted to address customer inquiries. Aside from replacing old windows and installing new ones, SGK Home Solutions can also swap out your old doors. They even perform bathroom and kitchen remodeling services, as well as siding installation and maintenance. People should visit to get a more comprehensive information on their services and to get a hold of a company representative to handle customer concerns.

About SGK Home Solutions, Inc.

SGK Home Solutions, Inc. is the windows and doors company of choice in the entire California Bay Area. Founded in 2005 as a supplier for larger businesses, the company is now independent and personally services residential clients on their window and door replacement projects. The company’s President of Operations, Vladimir Merabian, has summed up their high regard for after-sales services in this statement: “We act with integrity to build trust and confidence, and we try to over-deliver on every promise.”

“Our Success is Based on our Customer Satisfaction”
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