Opting for Wood Windows: A More Eco-Conscious Option for Homeowners

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These days, more people are looking to make their lives greener and friendlier to the environment. This notion is bolstered by studies like that of advocacy marketing consultancy Tiller, LLC, which found that in 2013, three in five Americans were looking to live a more environmentally-responsible lifestyle.

When asked why this is so, respondents of the study said they have grown more worried about the effects of global warming, and they believe that the environment has worsened over their lifetime.

opting wood windowsOf course, there is no better way to start going green than in the home, where people spend a huge chunk of their time. That being said, a more eco-friendly home doesn’t need to cost families an arm and a leg. Sometimes, even the smallest change can have a huge impact on Mother Earth. Case in point: wood windows.

Wood is the Way to Go

There are many reasons why installing wood windows in your San Jose home can make it eco-friendlier. To begin with, wooden window frames are known to provide up to 400 times more insulation than steel, and 1800 times more than aluminum windows. Because of this, you can expect to use less airconditioning in the summer and less heating in the winter, resulting in greater energy savings for your home.

Second, most wood windows are made from sustainable lumber such as Douglas fir. As such, there is a steady and renewable source for such timber, so you can rest assured that buying wood windows does not damage or endanger the planet in any way.

Last but certainly not the least, studies also show that window frames made of timber wood offer excellent longevity. According to a paper published by the Heriot Watt University, such windows have a planned service life of about 60 years. As such, homeowners need to replace their window frames less frequently, helping to reduce wastage and reduce the amount of trash in the country’s landfills.

When Natural Meets the Technological

Even better, window manufacturers like Milgard are using technology to further enhance the function and durability of wood frames. Milgard wood windows are made of high-quality Douglas fir or primed wood on the inside, but the frames are reinforced with fiberglass. As such, the windows retain its signature wood look while getting added protection from the elements.

If you’re interested in getting wood windows, make sure to work with a trusted windows company in San Jose to get the best possible products and guaranteed installation quality. With their help, you can enjoy stylish windows that also help care for the environment.


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