Making Sense of Windows Ratings before Buying Replacement Windows

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Choosing the right replacement windows for your San Jose home is important for many reasons. The windows you choose should add value to your home and help lower your energy costs. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has devised a rating system to help you choose windows that will give you all the benefits that windows have to offer while reducing their negative aspects.

Making Sense of Windows Ratings before Buying Replacement Windows
Sunlight is composed of three types of energy. Visible light is the portion that you want to bring into your home. Infrared energy transmits the sun’s heat, and UV rays are responsible for fading your carpets and furnishings. Modern windows allow you to bring in lots of light while restricting the sun’s damaging rays.

A window’s solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) describes how much heat is transmitted into your home through the window. Ratings range from 0 to 1. Numbers closer to zero are better. With San Jose’s 300 sunny days per year, the SHGC is arguably the most important feature of your home’s new windows.

The U-factor describes how well your windows prevent heat from escaping through them. As with the SHGC, numbers closest to 0 are best. The U-factor that’s best for your home depends mostly on the local climate and is based on whether heating or cooling is dominant in your area.

Low-E glass is an engineered product designed to reflect the damaging portions of sunlight while allowing visible light to pass through. When used in replacement windows, it protects your home from damaging UV rays. This information is not part of the NFRC label, so you will need to get stats from the window’s manufacturer.

The ENERGY STAR sticker on a window shows that it has passed certain EPA standards for energy efficiency. The ratings differ according to the area of the country and its climate, so be careful to buy windows that are rated for your area. Your San Jose replacement windows dealer is the best source for the appropriate ENERGY STAR windows.

A trusted replacement windows company in San Jose such as SGK Home Solutions, Inc. can help you choose the windows that work best for your home and budget.

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