Make Your Windows Energy-Efficient Through Window Types & Components

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Windows are one of the features of your San Jose home that you can accentuate to improve the overall look of your house. Whether you want to sport a classic or contemporary look, you have to ensure that you get what you pay for with your replacement and renovation. You might think that changing windows will only give your home an aesthetic boost, but it can also help you save energy and lower expenses for your electric bills.

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Investing on Energy Efficient Windows

Windows play an important role on both the trapping of heat and keeping the heat in. Your house’s location as well as the changing seasons on your area have to be considered when enhancing your windows or replacing them altogether. In heating-dominated climates, you have to consider glazing on the windows to collect the heat during winter season. Overhangs and shading devices such as awnings to prevent excessive heat gain are highly recommended during the summer season. By having a strategic window design, your boiler system can work at its normal pace and lower your electric bills.

There are certain window frames that you can choose from that can make your home energy-efficient without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect of it.  For instance, composite frames that are made of composite wood products such as particleboard and laminated strand lumber can be used for better control over heat flow as opposed to conventional wood. On the other hand, fiberglass frames have high compatibility with insulation that can create some superior thermal properties than wood frames. Last but not the least, vinyl frames are more resistant to sunlight due to its ultraviolet stabilizers. Aside from this, you can also install insulation on the hollow cavities of the frames to improve its thermal performance.

If you are quite fond of your window designs and are hesitant on getting new window frames, then you may want to consider adding tweaks or enhancements so you can still make them energy-efficient. A windows’ components play a big role in lowering air leakage rates in your homes. Some traditional operating types come in the form of awnings, casements, fixed panes, hoppers, single and double-hung window and single and double sliding. These slight changes on your window’s components can help you lower your expenses.

Investing on new San Jose windows and some additional components is one more way to manage your bill expenses through improving heat regulation.

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