Window Replacement in San Jose Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

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Windows are an essential part of any home; they let in natural light and a much welcome breeze into your house. Additionally, if they are maintained well, they can make your home’s façade all the more eye-catching to passersby. For these reasons, anyone who wants to enhance their living comfort, as well as increase their property’s market value by sprucing up its curb appeal, ought to consider window replacement in San Jose.

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Other than making a property look good, quality replacement windows improve a home’s energy efficiency—a key selling point. To illustrate, the website Replacement Window For Dummies’ has an article that highlights the possible savings of choosing an energy-efficient window replacement:

Energy efficient windows reduce energy costs by eliminating the need to overcompensate for air leakage and entry during both the summer and winter months. Possible savings in climates with a significant heating season range from 11 to 24 percent. Savings depend on the condition of the window and type. Savings in climates that mainly require cooling range from 7 to 31 percent.

The energy savings are just the beginning. Replacing the inefficient windows of your home can give it an external facelift; for example, changing from your old windows to a more modern replacement gives your house a more attractive look for potential buyers. Homeowners also have a wide array of window styles to choose from; these range from the traditional Queen Anne windows to the modern sliding glass ones.

Another benefit of changing your windows is reduced sound transmission. Excessive noise from the outside can interrupt one’s sleep or quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, quality windows also keep sound in, ensuring that you don’t disturb your neighbors with your loud music. New windows with better sound insulation like double-glazed ones are an excellent investment if you like some peace and privacy.

Finally, new windows on the market are more secure. Due to wear and tear, old windows can have broken latches and other defects that can compromise your home’s safety. If you want to feel safe in your home, you can have a brand-new window installed that boasts intruder-proof glass and sturdy locks.

With all of these benefits, many would be interested in getting new windows. An experienced San Jose windows replacement service like SGK Home Solutions would be able to recommend the right type of windows for your home and help with the installation.

(Source: Energy Efficient Windows: Advantages and Disadvantages, Replacement Windows For Dummies, March 18, 2011)

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