Why Pine is an Excellent Material for Creating Wood Windows for Homes

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For some homeowners, windows are a marginal design detail. For those with an eye for aesthetics, however, a window can be a bold style statement.

If you’re in the latter group, you know that a window’s material contributes a lot to its look. While there are many options out there, nothing provides the same sophisticated appeal as wood windows. With its natural grain and earthy hues, wooden windows provide a warmth that its vinyl counterparts simply cannot.

Excellent Material

When choosing wood windows, however, you should also pay attention to the type of lumber is used for it. Right now, pine is one of the leading options in the market–and for good reason.

Sustainable Material

Every wood window comes from a tree–there’s no escaping this fact. But cutting down a tree to create something isn’t necessarily bad, as long as the tree involved is of a sustainable variety. Luckily, pine is one such tree. The key to its sustainability is its fast growth; unlike oak trees which takes decades to mature, pine trees can grow one to two feet per year, allowing it it be harvest ready in a far shorter time.

Naturally Beautiful

Sometimes, the best look is a natural look, and this mantra definitely applies to pine wood. With a naturally attractive grain and eye-catching patterns, a pinewood window can become a design statement all its own. No need to paint or lacquer this wood variety, it’s more than beautiful enough “naked.”

Easy to Work With

No matter how beautiful a certain type of wood is, its benefits are rendered moot if it is hard to carve it into your desired window design. That’s why pine has become such a popular option for window manufacturers. Thanks to its soft nature, it is easier to fashion into desired shapes than other types of lumber. Furthermore, pine wood also accepts nails and screws very easily, thereby making window production much easier.

Reliable Durability

Many would-be buyers of wooden windows are often wary because as an organic material, wood, they believe, tends rot or deteriorate more quickly compared to synthetic windows.

However, Milgard windows installed by San Jose contractors prove that this is not the case. Their products are made of high-quality wood and are covered with durable fiberglass on the outside. As such, it is beautiful on the inside, but “Milgard” tough on the outside. This is a great option if you want the best of both worlds.

If you want to know more about wooden windows, don’t hesitate to speak with trusted contractors such SGK Home Solutions. They can walk you through the many benefits of pinewood windows and show you the many design and color options available to you.

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