Why New Window Installation Is a Beneficial Investment for Your Home

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Some homeowners might be skeptical when it comes to replacing their windows, because although doing so is beneficial in reducing energy costs, it wouldn’t cause an instant return of investment. Despite the seeming lack of immediate return on investment, installing new windows is actually quite cost-effective beneficial in the long run, especially when you plan on selling your home in the near future.

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Still skeptical on investing in new windows? Here are several reasons why replacing your windows is a good idea, along with some of the benefits you can glean from a new window installation for your home.

A Huge Resale Appeal

According to last year’s Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, homeowners can recover over 78.7 percent of the costs of a mid-cost vinyl window replacement and 76.6 percent from an expensive vinyl window replacement when they put their home up for sale. This is because more prospective homebuyers are now aware of the impact of quality windows on the property’s aesthetics and on their living comfort.

The Appeal of Vinyl Windows

Window replacement and installation don’t have to be expensive when there are products like vinyl windows that are not only cheaper, but also offer several benefits. For one, vinyl windows require little maintenance, since these are easier to clean, along with helping in noise reduction. Moreover, most vinyl windows offer energy efficiency, particularly triple pane ones.

One more thing about vinyl windows is that they’re appropriate for any climate, and comes in different faux-grain finishes and no-fade colors. The best ones are built with additives that are effective against yellowing, brittleness, or fading, while sporting frames that are rigid and strong. These are just among the many reasons why vinyl windows are popular among homeowners and homebuyers alike.

Energy Savings

Though it’s impossible to immediately recoup all the money you invested in replacing your windows in terms of energy savings alone, you have, at least, made the first step toward establishing a green home. In fact, if you carry out other home improvement projects that can make your home more energy efficient (e.g. insulating the attic, installing solar panels), your savings are sure to add up to a significant amount, making everything worth it.

Experts, however, warn that homeowners can only enjoy the energy-saving effects of new windows if they are installed properly by professionals, such as those from SGK Home Solutions in San Jose. Remember that even an inexpensive window that was properly installed can be more energy-efficient than a high-end one that was poorly installed.


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