Why Aluminum Windows are Desirable and What to Expect When Installed

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Choosing the right window frame for your house can be a challenge and especially unnerving when not knowing what to expect during a window installation. This handy guide details the benefits of choosing aluminum as your window material and lets you know how a San Jose window contractor will go about installing it.

Aluminum Windows are Desirable

How Aluminum Windows Complement a Home

Aluminum is a material that is often overlooked for windows, despite the fact that it offers many advantages over other materials. First, and most importantly for windows, they are able to meet and exceed energy efficiency standards. They are proven superior in heat gain and heat loss when compared to more expensive timber windows.

Unlike costly timber windows, aluminum windows in San Jose and throughout California require little maintenance. They are corrosion resistant, meaning they can survive in harsh environments and in wet climates, unlike other window materials. Moreover, they will not warp, crack, swell or split. Aluminum windows are also extremely durable; they can be left in their finished condition or they can be anodised or painted to provide yet more protection and a more decorative finish.

The use of aluminum windows also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. In an average gas-heated home, the use of double-glazed aluminum windows delivers a CO2 equivalent savings of nearly three times the amount required to make the frame—and that’s just within the first year. Over the course of the windows’ lifespan, they can produce an energy savings of over 100 times the energy used to make them.

The final reason why aluminum will suit your property is because aluminum can be finished in a variety of ways and made to exact specifications. This means that you can achieve the exact look needed to coordinate with the rest of your house design or style, rather than sticking out like the proverbial sore thumb.

What Happens During Installation?

Window installation can be a messy job, so, the first thing the fitting team should do is cover the area surrounding the windows with dust sheets, followed by the covering of electrical sockets. The team of fitters will remove the old window, clean and shape the space so that the new aluminum window fits correctly, and then fit the new window. The new window will then be sealed and secured. Once the team has finished fitting your aluminum window, they will remove the old parts and any rubbish, as well as the dust sheets before finally cleaning the immediate area surrounding the window to prevent any floating dust or debris.

If you are unsure of what to expect from your aluminum window fitting, make sure you contact the installers and ask them about the process. This way, you there won’t be any surprises.


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