Time for New Replacement Windows? Work with an Established Contractor

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Houses are meant to stand up against the test of time and the beating of outdoor elements—but it doesn’t mean that these sturdy structures don’t need upgrades every now and then. In fact, when your home’s windows have seen better days, circumstances may point toward doing away with the old, inefficient windows and installing new ones. Writing for Kiplinger magazine, Pat Mertz Esswein said that replacing windows requires a lot of homework on the part of the homeowner.

Time for New Replacement Windows

San Jose residents may see the merit in a window replacement project for their homes. The city’s proximity to the Bay Area and the Diablo Grande, as well as having four valley areas inside the city limits, can provide much energy for winds and microclimates amidst the relatively clear weather, thereby exposing your home to varying external conditions, which your windows have to withstand. When you think that the time has arrived for your house to enjoy window upgrades, explore your options with a trusted company like SGK Home Solutions.

The Look-see

Before finalizing your plan to invest in replacement windows for your house, check the condition of all existing windows. HGTV’s Rob Fanjoy said you need to document the appearance of the old windows by inspecting them for flaws and other signs of deterioration. Your contractor may recommend just replacing the sash if the frame itself does not show any signs of water damage, which could compromise the weatherstripping.

Nonetheless, a full replacement will be in order if an assessment of the sash and frame reveals that the gasket is compromised, and if the frame’s attachment with the drywall yield clues of air drafts or leaks, which are known to stress the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system.

Taking Action

When you’ve figured out the choice for a replacement window, it all remains on what material the window and its frame should be made of. The immediate environment and weather conditions, for example, may warrant replacing the windows with double- or triple-glaze types, especially if the windows are in an area with direct sunlight. Your contractor may provide you a detailed quote based on your preferences, but ensure that you get a quote that is as close to your budget as possible.

The demands of current environmental conditions can steer you toward investing in quality replacement windows that allow both energy savings and a superb view. Make that happen by working with expert window contractors.


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