There is a Solution for Having Wood Windows in a Non-Temperate Climate

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Many people want wood windows in their home because they give a traditional look and have a charm that you can’t find with many modern materials, such as PVC. There are many reasons why you should choose to furnish your house with wood windows, but there are also some reasons why solid wood frames might not be the best fit for the area you live in.

Why Choose Wood?

Wood windows are still considered one of the best types of window available for sale on today’s market. They are thought of as far more beautiful than their PVC rivals and can enhance the look of your homes exterior, they are also extremely durable and are extremely energy efficient. The biggest selling point of wood is the aesthetics: they provide a warm and welcoming charm which is hard to replicate using other materials.

Wood Windows in a Non-Temperate Climate

Can You Use Wood Anywhere?

Before settling on solid wood windows, it is important to know that wood doesn’t do well in some areas. While wood can be treated and painted, it was once a living substance and if you are not careful with it, it can warp or rot and begin to deteriorate. Moisture is one of the worst things for wood as it can make it swell, spoiling the effectiveness of the window. This makes it an unwise choice for those who live near the ocean, where wood windows are subject to moist, salty air. Wood is best used in areas with a temperate climate. Worry not, however, if you don’t live in a temperate climate because there is another option for you.

Wood and Fiberglass Windows

If you want wood windows in your home, you might be surprised to learn that there are brands such as Milgard windows that have created wood frame windows with a significant difference. These replicate the look of wood windows but have the added protection you get from other types of more durable material. This is achieved by using a wood interior which has a pristine look without unsightly nails or staples while the outside is made of durable fiberglass.

These windows give better protection from moisture in the air and make the wood unlikely to warp or rot. Windows that are built in this manner also have a water run-off system which stops water from reaching the wood underneath the fiberglass. When you compare this type of window to the traditional, solid wood frame, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in the life span of the window in wetter climates.

If you have always wanted your home to have wood windows, but you were advised against it because of the moist air, then don’t think that you need to settle for an inferior product. You can still achieve the wood window look for your home.


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