Save on Energy while Renovating Your Home with Fiberglass Windows

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Are you planning on renovating and changing your home’s doors and windows? While style and color may be one of your top considerations, you may want to opt for materials that are energy efficient as well as easy to maintain.


The Look of Fiberglass Windows

If you’re after a traditional look for your home’s doors and windows, fiberglass is the way to go. It can be crafted to mimic the hues and grains of natural wood. They can retain the rustic and natural look of your home’s exterior. You may also paint the fiberglass frames to best match the theme of your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Fiberglass Frames and Energy Efficiency

Windows build from fiberglass have been tried and tested to be tough. Milgard windows, for instance, can hold larger panels of glass without breaking, which makes it an ideal material for bigger windows or sliding doors. In terms of helping you save on energy, fiberglass windows may be lined with insulation so it can regulate the temperature of your home.

Insulated windows help retain heat indoors, so your home heater does not need to work full time. Likewise, in the hotter months during the summer, when your home air conditioning is on, fiberglass windows help to trap the coolness indoors.

Fiberglass windows may also be paired with specialized glass panels that further improve their energy efficiency rating. Such glass pieces or glazes help to reflect harmful UV rays as well, keeping your home at ideal temperatures throughout the year.

Other Advantages of Fiberglass

Unlike those with wood frames, fiberglass windows are built to be resistant to rot, warping, and even swelling due to the elements. The material can contract and expand to adjust to the warm temperatures in the summer or the cooler months in winter. Fiberglass is also low-maintenance, as it is easy to clean, and does not require repainting from time to time to protect its surface.

There truly are numerous design possibilities that come with having fiberglass doors and windows in your home. Not only do you get to have a stylish new look for your home, but you also have an energy-efficient design that helps you save on costs in the long run. Talk to specialists in installing Milgard windows in San Jose to learn about your options for your home.

Advantages of Fiberglass Frames

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