San Jose Windows Replacement: Your Responsibilities as a Homeowner

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As a San Jose homeowner looking to have your windows replaced, you have a set of responsibilities that you need to do even before your window installers arrive. This is to ensure that your property is protected, and you can go on with your daily schedule with as little disruption as possible. The following tips are things you need to do if you’re having new windows installed.

Sunroom with wall of windows

Remove any picture frames, mirrors, and other breakable items away from the work area. You don’t want anything falling out of the walls or tables from the vibrations going on. It’s also a good idea to remove any valuables in the area and keep them in your room, as well as other necessary items you may need, such as pen and key holders and music player and relocate them to a place where you can have better access to them.

Keep children and pets away from the work area. Distractions can slow the workers’ job down, and could even be dangerous to everyone concerned. For sure, you don’t want children and pets playing running around in areas where workers are carrying around large panes of glass.

Decide on how involved you want to be with the installation process. Some people prefer to be asked about every single choice concerning window installation to make sure everything is up to their standards. Others just want their contractors to present them the available choices so they can choose. Once you’ve decided how involved you want to be, inform your contractor about it. This will help them determine how they should work with you.

If your existing windows come with security sensors, turn off your security system when the installation work commences. Depending on the degree of work you’re having done, you might need to have them removed completely. Contact your security provider and tell them that you’re having new windows installed so they can remove the sensors and reconnect them once the job is done.

Other homeowners have learned about these responsibilities the hard way, so make sure to follow them to prevent any unnecessary interruptions, expenses, and accidents from occurring. Preparing your house for window replacement can take some time, but it will allow your contractor and the workers to do their job smoothly. Contact a trusted a San Jose windows installation professional like SGK Home Solutions, Inc. to learn about replacement costs and how long the job is going to take.


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