Now Might Be the Best Time for Window Replacement, and Here’s Why

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You may be experiencing some problems with your home’s windows, but does it necessarily mean that now is the time to shop for newer and more energy-efficient windows? At times, some problems with your windows might only warrant simple repairs that are significantly cheaper than replacing them.

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Yet, now that people, particularly homeowners, are realizing the importance of windows in a home’s energy efficiency and livability, you might want to replace your old ones with the latest windows replacement on the market that ensure energy savings and living comfort. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, it could be time to say goodbye to your old and faulty windows.

You Can’t Open or Close Your Windows Properly

Windows that are difficult to open or close not only leaves your home vulnerable to the weather, but it can also pose a hazard to your family, especially since it can slam shut and result in broken glass, not to mention that even a slight opening or gap can be used by insects and tiny rodents as entry points. Such risks are particularly high in older single hung and double hung windows, which often have issues with balance or the mechanism that keeps them up when they are opened.

You Feel Drafts

No window can completely seal your home, and even the best one might allow slight air infiltration—but it’s something negligible that no one in your home should notice. Over time, however, your windows let in more air because of wear. For instance, windows made of wood might warp due to moisture exposure, thereby creating gaps in some areas and making it too tight at other spots. If you’re uncomfortable with the drafts you feel at home, your windows might be at fault, and replacing them is the best option.

You Have a High Energy Bill

Despite acquiring the most energy-efficient furnaces or air conditioning units, are you still having problems with expensive energy bills? The Department of Energy suggests investing in new windows as a cost-effective solution rather than upgrading HVAC systems, since newer, more energy-efficient windows contribute not only to reducing heating and cooling expenses, but also lighting costs.

Not only will new windows reduce problems and energy costs, they are also effective in improving your home’s curb appeal, making a dated or old exterior look updated and more appealing. Once you’re experiencing the window issues enumerated above in your home, simply seek professional assistance from companies in San Jose like SGK Home Solutions, which offer window replacement and other related services to homeowners around the area.


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