Make the Most Out of Your Aluminum Windows with Proper Maintenance

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What was considered long ago as a low-cost alternative for windows is now the most popular among homeowners in San Jose, and it’s not that hard to see why. Affordable, easy to clean and maintain, and resistant to rot or rust, aluminum windows have now been the first choice for both homeowners and builders alike.

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In time, however, aluminum windows are susceptible to dirt, sticking, and stiff springs, especially if not cleaned every now and then. To make the most out of your home’s aluminum windows, proper care and maintenance must be done at least once a month. You can even see your investment lasting for a very long time if you’re able to follow these simple cleaning tips recommended by window experts.

Keeping a Clean and Clear Window

In time, your windows can accumulate dirt and grime, making it look very unappealing. You can never go wrong with a glass cleaner when keeping your aluminum windows clean, but there are other materials you can use to clean them. You may also try applying car wax to its frames to protect it from dirt and grime, and spray its spring locks with a penetrating lubricant to keep it from becoming stiff.

Protect your aluminum windows from oxidation and pitting by scrubbing them with a mixture of detergent and water. You can further protect your windows from rust and corrosion by using a silicone lubricant, but only use it after you’ve thoroughly cleaned them.

Maintaining Smooth Movement

Though it’s true that aluminum windows do not rust, these can still deteriorate over time. For instance, the joints in each corner might become fragile and break away. As time goes by, these windows, especially sliding windows, may even become hard to move. Check the windows’ outer runners regularly and clear any leaves or debris every couple of months.

It’s also recommended to take care of your windows’ outer frames and runners by washing them with warm, soapy water. You can also keep the smooth movement of your sliding windows by lightly greasing the bottoms of its runners. Simple steps like these can ensure that your aluminum windows will work smoothly for a long time.

If you’re considering getting aluminum windows for your own home, remember to have them installed by professionals, like those from SGK Home Solutions, who offer window installation services for homeowners in San Jose. Afterwards, make sure to clean them often and conduct regular checks. Doing these maintenance steps ensure that your investment will be worth it in the end and will last for a long time.


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