Make a Choice: Deciding on Milgard Windows and Other Window Options

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When San Jose homeowners decide it’s time to change the windows of their home, there are a whole lot of decisions that need to be made. This is because windows are an important part of both your home’s exterior and interior design, wherein they should look great both to the outside observer and the visitor inside. Practical reasons like insulation, sun exposure, and room lighting also contribute to the importance of selecting the right window. This is why there are several factors to consider when making your window choice.

Deciding on Milgard Windows and Other Window Options

Window Styles

First of all, there is the style of the window. Window manufacturers like Milgard windows have a variety of styles to choose from. The main difference between styles is whether they are fixed or operable. Fixed windows are just that: static windows that let in light and are therefore ideal for lighting up a room; however, they can’t be used for ventilation purposes.

Operable windows can be opened and closed. Some examples are sliding windows and single- or double-hung windows. When choosing a window style, keep in mind the architectural design of your home. Needless to say, your new windows must match or complement the overall aesthetics of the house.

Window Glass

Second, after you’ve chosen the style, you should decide on what type of glass you want for your window. In the past, basic single-pane glass was the only choice, however, with today’s better technology, different types of glass are available as well as the option to have multiple panes of glass installed. Depending on your needs, you have a wide array of potential choices. For example, if you need more insulation, a double-paned glass with an argon gas layer between can help keep heat out or in. You can also choose tinted glass to reduce sun damage on your furniture and prevent glare.

Window Frames

Third, once you’ve decided on the glass type, you’ll need to decide on the frame. The most popular types available are wood, mostly because it looks nice, or vinyl, which is known for its low maintenance requirements. Fiberglass windows, however, are available that can be made to look like wood, but are more durable and easy to maintain. They are also strong enough to hold larger glass pieces.


Finally, you’d want to have the windows installed by trained professionals from leading companies in San Jose like SGK Home Solutions. This ensures that there are no leaks or cracks and proper weather-stripping has been applied. Take note that poor installation can render your quality, energy-efficient windows useless, so always opt for professional services.


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