Low-E Wood Windows: Choose Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Option

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Obviously, there are many things that you need to take into account when choosing replacement windows for your San Jose home. Although exceptional aesthetic appeal is important, choosing those that offer superb reliability and energy efficiency should take higher priority. It is essential that the windows you install retain temperature effectively indoors to keep your utility bills – as well as your carbon footprint – at a minimum.

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Quality material and workmanship is a must

Windows can be extremely wasteful of energy if they are fitted improperly, or are in a decrepit state. With homes that still use old heating systems, ill-fitted windows could mean that the house could never be warmed or cooled satisfactorily enough no matter how high or low the thermostat is pushed. Couple that with rising fuel prices, and you are likely to face a shocking utility bills every month.

Low-E for better insulation

Your replacement windows’ level of energy efficiency relies heavily on the type of glass used. Unfortunately, traditional glass is a poor insulator. Technologically advanced glass types, particularly Low-E glass, will be the far better choice. A Low-E glass is coated with an ultra-thin layer of metal that reflects or absorbs heat energy. The thickness of the coating dictates how effective the insulation on the glass will be.

Eco-friendly window frame material

Misconceptions abound regarding what makes the most environmentally friendly material for windows. You’ve probably heard people say that polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is the most eco-friendly material. In some cases that maybe true, but overall, wood is the more energy efficient and eco-friendly choice.

Wood windows bring with them a host of benefits. For one thing, wood is a natural insulator. Wood windows are thermally efficient, can resist ‘cold bridging,’ are easily repaired when damaged, and are low maintenance, long lasting, and most important of all, built from sustainable materials. Wood also brings with it natural beauty, ease of installation, and high quality. In addition, when compared to the amount of CO2 produced during the manufacturing stage of vinyl windows, wood is definitely the more environmentally friendly choice.

Quality wood windows in San Jose

You can purchase quality Milgard windows made of wood from trusted contractors like SGK Home Solutions, Inc.


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