Know the Basics: What Homeowners Need to Know About Window Replacement

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Most of the time, the thought of replacing your windows with newer, more energy efficient ones might not even cross your mind, unless you’ve been living in your home for many years now. Once you do consider replacing them, it’s only because the damage has been done, and your home has been infiltrated with rainwater and drafts.

Window Replacement

Even if your windows haven’t been causing trouble on your home so far, consider having them replaced if these are beginning to look tired and worn. This project alone not only enhances your home’s overall appearance, but it can also reduce your energy costs and improve indoor climate comfort for everyone in your family. Replacing your windows, however, isn’t a project that should be entered into lightly, and you must be aware of these things first before proceeding.

They Don’t Actually “Replace” your Windows

You might be thinking that when you hire contractors to replace your windows, they will remove an entire window and replace it with a new one, frames, glass, and all. The truth, however, is that the contractors will simply replace parts of the window, namely the glass and the hinges, while keeping the frame intact. On the other hand, if the area around your window is already structurally unsound, your contractor will most likely suggest constructing a substantial frame around the window to hold it in place.

Even Small Changes can make a Difference

Choosing the window’s color or the glazing’s tint alone can make a significant difference on how your home will appear on the outside. To make sure that you’re getting replacement windows that will enhance your home’s appeal, try having one of the new units installed first as a test case.

Don’t Go for Name Alone

Sure, there are a lot of famous manufacturers out there that offers high-quality windows, but these often come with an expensive price tag. There’s no harm in going for big names if you’re after quality, but remember that there are other brands out there that offer windows comparable with those of expensive name-brand windows. Who knows, you may end up getting a name-brand quality window for less.

It’s Definitely Not DIY

Window replacement is one good example of a home improvement project that needs the help of professionals like those from SGK Home Solutions in San Jose. Though you may believe that replacing your own windows can save you costs, you can end up with a disaster instead. Professional window installers, on the other hand, have all the experience, tools, and skills needed to do the job efficiently.


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