Hot and Cold: Energy-efficient Windows and Doors Help Ensure Savings

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The yearly temperature swings often have San Jose, CA homeowners paying for expensive energy bills, either in cooling or heating. If you’re seeking a way to save on energy expenses while ensuring everyone’s comfort in your home, installing energy-efficient windows and doors is a good way to lower your expenses—provided that you purchase them from a leading manufacturer and have them properly installed.

Energy-efficient Windows and Doors


The selection of the right windows is where it starts. Your new windows can ensure the comfortable indoor climate of your home as long as you take not of the so-called “passive solar design”. This means that you should choose your windows’ location and features to ensure maximum heat gain during cold months while minimizing it during hot months.

There are several window types to choose from. For example, you can choose windows that are gas-filled; this means that the window has two panes of glass with a trapped layer of glass between them that resists heat flow. Another choice would be tinted or insulated windows, which ensure that harsh sunlight won’t enter the room to heat it up. You can ask an expert from a professional windows company like SGK Home Solutions to give you advice on what window is best for your home as well as your budget.

Installing the windows is the next step. You’ll need to choose the right spot for them and maximize natural heating, cooling, and daylighting; south-facing windows are preferred since the position strikes the right balance of light exposure all throughout the day. Finally, when the windows are installed, ensure that they are properly framed to ensure additional insulation and to minimize air leakage, which can cause problems with maintaining the comfortable temperature your home.


All the tips mentioned above apply to your doors, too. You’ll need to select the ideal doors for your exterior. One of the more popular choices for energy efficiency is a door with a foam insulation core and a steel exterior. Other fine choices include steel or fiberglass ones. Try to avoid glass doors, especially sliding glass ones as they lose a lot of heat. Installing the doors will require proper weather-stripping and caulking to reduce air leakages and make an impenetrable seal.

Make the Right Choice

With the correct choice of door or windows and the proper installation, you can recoup the cost of your new doors and windows in no time. The energy savings and reduced environmental impact of a more energy-efficient home should be reason enough for you to consider the project and visit companies like SGK Home Solutions to know your options.



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