High-Grade Windows in San Jose Are Energy-Saving, Durable, and Fancy

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The windows of your home in San Jose say tons about you. In fact, they are the focal point of your home exterior, which gives visitors and passersby a clue about your lifestyle and interests. Windows, too, have an effect on you and your family. If you’re serious about making your home a comfortable sanctuary for you and your family, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than high-quality windows from an official distributor and contractor like SGK Home Solutions.


Determining the quality of a window, however, isn’t an easy job. It requires an eye for detail and high-level of creativity. Having said that, there are three vital aspects that you can focus on to choose the right window for your new home. A trusted windows company in San Jose can help you throughout the selection process.

Energy Efficiency

Before you purchase a fancy-looking window from a downtown showroom, check its energy-saving features first. The last thing you want is a window that will increase your regular power consumption. The window must have coated, thick panes that can reduce heat gains and losses. Ask for the window’s U-value, solar heat gain coefficient or shading coefficient, and glass visible transmittance. A window most likely has the ideal features if it’s marked with an energy star.

Aside from the glass panes’ thickness, the frame has to be energy-efficient, too, in order to preserve heat or coolness inside the house. What you should carefully consider is the installers’ workmanship. Windows that are poorly installed may not effectively prevent draft from seeping through the frame and into your home or into the gap between the panes. Double-paned windows consist of two glass panes separated by a gas-filled gap, which adds to the pane’s ability to block heat. If not installed properly, air and vapor can enter the gap.


The ability of your windows to remain in good shape under the harshest condition is also crucial. In an economic standpoint, highly-durable windows will minimize the frequency of replacement. Replacing windows in San Jose can be as expensive as other home remodeling projects so you need products that can last for many years. Window frames made of Milgard wood, fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum are among your most durable options.


After factoring in the window’s energy-efficiency and durability, it’s time to look at aesthetics. Compare each product and make sure you pick one that goes well with your home architecture. While some options may have the finest design and finishing, they may not be perfect your home design. With the help of professional contractor, however, you can find the perfect windows that not only go well with your home’s overall design but also with your lifestyle.


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