Here’s Why You Should Choose Sturdy Wood Windows from San Jose Dealers

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Aside from your roof, your windows are taking the brunt of Mother Nature’s grit head-on, 24/7, 365 days of the year. The sheer toughness of their job makes seeing a lot of these run-down windows pretty commonplace, though a bit of an eyesore. Disintegrating windows, or poorly-installed ones, account for one of the top reasons for skyrocketing HVAC bills.

All About Wood Windows
There’s no need to put up with energy-wasting windows when there are high-performance insulating windows available out there today, and choosing them as replacements can pay you back tenfold. That’s an almost 25 percent cut on your average home energy costs. But among all the window choices, you’ll most definitely do well with wood like the Milgard windows from San Jose sellers like SGK Home Solutions. Here are a few of the perks of having wood windows.

Aesthetic appeal – Sturdy wood windows for San Jose homes are typically preferred because of their inherent beauty. Only solid wood has a characteristic rich grain and organic texture no other window types can match. Wood’s aesthetic appeal also helps add a touch of authenticity and value to any home. For instance, a storied building’s value remains or even increases with wooden windows, instead of alternative ones which can adversely affect its character.

It’s an excellent insulator – Ever wonder why log cabins feel snug and warm even during winter? That’s because wood is one of the best insulators around with its low level of thermal conductivity. This quality makes wooden windows excellent in preventing the outside cold or heat from getting into the home. Aside from this, many wooden windows also come complete with standard weather stripping that serves as great protection from condensation.

Versatility – When choosing windows, it makes perfect sense to match them to the home’s overall architectural motif. For instance, you obviously cannot make a vinyl window work with a traditional-looking home. This is where the versatility of wooden windows come in. Wooden windows come in a wide range of styles, which can suit almost any home design, from the simple modern to the elegant traditional.

Durability – If you think wood windows aren’t as durable as vinyl ones, think again. Wood’s inherent structural integrity works perfectly with window frames, allowing them to last much longer. The natural fibers and grain of wood are ideal for surviving years of service, providing you with true bang your buck. Counting regular maintenance in, there’s no reason for wooden windows to last between 50 to even 100 years, and even until then, they can be restored.

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