Guide to Buying Windows in San Jose: Reasons to Choose Fiberglass

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Being in the largest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose residents aren’t exactly new to modern technology, but aside from the optic fiber lines that allow for high-speed internet connectivity, there’s another ‘fiber’ that’s sweeping the city and beyond—fiberglass. To be more specific, distributors like SGK Home Solutions are offering reliable fiberglass windows in San Jose for homeowners looking to improve their beloved abode. The following are some of the fine qualities of fiberglass:

fiberglass benefits

Thermal Resistance

Fiberglass windows are excellent options for improving your home’s overall energy-efficiency. The thermal conductivity of this material is a lot higher than most window options (800 times better than aluminum, in fact) that it works great in superinsulation, thereby ensuring the optimum performance of the window.


A fiberglass component is much stronger than sheet metal, pound for pound, and it even has high corrosion resistance, making it ideal for seaside homes. Its resistance to extreme heat and cold also plays an important role in making it one of the most resilient window materials you could install for your home.


In general, you will be saving up on fiberglass windows, because, as this article in Fiber-Technic’s website mentions, it costs the manufacturer a lot less:

With steel being dependant [sic] on China’s steel prices, you will have stable prices with fiberglass. Lower costs for maintenance and warranty work. A lighter and stronger product results in lower costs for shipping and storage.


Do you want to give a little bit of soundproofing to your room? On top of all its resistance properties, fiberglass windows are also capable of absorbing more sound waves than it allows to bounce off, meaning you get better acoustics for your investment. This is an excellent option if there are constant sources of noise pollution outside your house that you want to tune out.

Damage Resistance

Fiberglass windows are also extremely resistant to rotting, splitting, and warping, as a matter of fact, out of all the common window materials, it has the highest resistance to warping, something that contributes in a large part to its longevity. Even when subjected to harsh weather conditions, it stays rigid and stable without losing much of the physical properties that make it an excellent choice for any home.

There’s a good chance that your trusted windows company in San Jose has some reliable fiberglass windows in store. If you want durable, resilient and long-lasting windows, look no further that fiberglass window products.

(Source: Fiberglass Benefits, Fiber-Tech)

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