Door and Window Installation for San Jose Homes Enhance Curb Appeal

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Homeowners looking to improve their property’s value should be aware of curb appeal and how to maximize it. Indeed, what people see from the sidewalk can influence how much they would be willing to pay for. There are several remodeling choices that can make a house more appealing to prospective buyers; one of them is a new door or window installation for San Jose homes like those provided by trusted companies like SGK Home Solutions.

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To illustrate, an excerpt from M.J. Kelly’s article for SFGate highlights how new or refurbished doors and windows can result in a higher property value assessment:

The facade of a well-taken-care-of home looks clean. Buyers want to see fresh paint, sparkling windows and a nice-quality front door. New paint and hardware on an older door, updated porch lighting, a fresh set of house numbers and a few well-chosen plants add warmth and welcome to the entry. Worn shutters detract from even the prettiest house, so replacing them or removing them altogether adds overall curb appeal. Replacing garage doors that lack character can make a big difference in a buyer’s assessment of the value of a property.


A house with worn-out or damaged windows isn’t an attractive purchase for anyone. In fact, for some potential buyers, the condition of a property’s windows is a good indicator of the house’s overall integrity. Your choice of window materials can also influence the impression you want to give bystanders. For instance, wood or vinyl windows for San Jose homes grant a cozy and elegant vibe, whereas aluminum frames create a more modern look.

The right window types should also be considered; the traditional single hung window is the safe choice, but you may want to choose bay windows to enjoy the outside view. Finally, another important consideration for homeowners would be the best color for the frame; you’d want it to be coordinated with the various trimmings on the home’s exterior so as to present a unified look.


Doors are the other external feature that people immediately notice about a home. Having a quality front door gives visitors and passersby an excellent impression of your home. The main thing to consider when selecting a door is the material it’s made of. In the past, hard wood was the preferred choice, but with modern manufacturing technologies, steel and vinyl are becoming popular choices, as well.

For any potential window or door replacement, have energy efficiency and security foremost on your mind; opt for windows and doors that could keep heat or cold in, and are tough enough to hold off any intruders.

(Source: About Curb Appeal, SF Gate)

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