Beautiful Windows in San Jose Homes Should Work Beautifully As Well

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Windows on a house are like spectacles on your face – they are functional, attractive, and enhance your looks. In selecting windows for San Jose homes, much needs to be considered. An article written by architect Ronique Gibson in Freshome, a design and architecture magazine, gives some pointers on what to think about when choosing exterior windows for your home.Beautiful Windows in San Jose Homes Should Work Beautifully As Well

Look at the big picture

If your home has a Spanish villa appearance (complete with trellis and arches), installing aluminum sliding windows may seem a bit out of place. Enhance the house’s character with doors and windows that possess the same European flavor.

All homes have an architectural design style that makes them unique and choosing windows that match this design aesthetic is the first step in choosing the right windows.

What’s on the inside counts, too

You should bear in mind how the windows look from the interior of your home as well. Windows are definitely interior design focal points that can attract or distract your guests. Consult your interior designer regarding the kind of drapes or window treatments that would work best for your home’s interior. 

While the exterior aesthetic of your windows are important, remember how the window functions and appeals to your interiors can create an experience inside your home.

Here comes the sun

Don’t you absolutely hate it when the morning sun wakes you up before your alarm clock does?    Outside of installing drapes or shades, it would be prudent to know which sides of the house receive the most (and the least) sunshine before you install new windows.

If you are designing your home with the assistance of an architect or contractor consider how your home sits in relation to the sun rising and setting. Depending on where you live geographically can create too much late day sun in your family room when watching television or unwelcomed rising sun in your bedroom.

Save your energy

Lastly, make sure your windows are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) for energy performance. San Jose windows and doors specialists like SGK Home Solutions carry windows in varying styles and materials which can lower your heating and lighting costs.

Whether you’re installing new windows or replacing old ones, this renovation will almost pay for itself in the long run.

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