Wood Windows in San Jose: High Quality Variants Will Keep Homes Secure

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Forbes.com proclaims San Jose, California as one of the safest cities to live in in the United States, but residents should still be vigilant in keeping their personal properties and homes safe from crime. During the first half of 2014 alone, the San Jose Police Department has reported 12,053 property crimes, 2,501 of which are burglary incidents. Home burglaries are not uncommon, as exemplified by a case reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

Wood Windows in San Jose

SAN JOSE — After 13 hours, San Jose Police negotiated a burglary suspect off the roof of a three-story Victorian home Sunday afternoon, after he set his shirt and other objects on fire, hurled bricks at them and teetered threateningly from a window ledge.

As he was lowered on fire truck ladder, the man — whose name was not immediately released — was shot with rubber bullets after he climbed away from the truck and toward the top of the ladder. He was arrested and transported in an ambulance to a local hospital.

According to San Jose Police Officer Heather Randol, about 2 a.m. officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress on the 900 block of South Second Street. They found that a window to a residence had been broken, then noticed a man on the third-story roof.

After back doors, windows are the primary point of entry used by burglars, mainly because windows aren’t given that much importance by many homeowners. Statistics show that windows are the preferred access points of robbers during warmer weather because most people open their windows to accommodate air when it’s hot. The San Jose climate remains relatively warm throughout most of the year, which heightens the probability of residents neglecting to close and lock their windows.

Ground floor windows, especially the ones found out back, provide the easiest access since they’re usually covered by shrubs or fences. Neighbors or passers-by would have a more difficult time spotting robbers breaking in.

Aside from the obvious solution of installing security systems, residents can prevent burglary by simply closing and locking their windows religiously, especially when they’re away. There may be some low-quality wood windows in San Jose which are more susceptible to damage, though, and their structure generally weakens over time, making it easier for burglars to break them.

It’s imperative that homeowners replace their windows with ones made with stronger and more durable material. Window solutions providers, such as SGK Home Solutions, Inc. offer quality products like Milgard windows in San Jose. Investing in quality windows could help maintain your home’s safety and security in the long run.

(Source: San Jose: After 13 hours, police negotiate burglary suspect off roof, November 30, 2014)

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