Want San Jose Fiberglass Windows to Pay Off Quick? Home Sale May Help

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Energy efficiency continues to enjoy substantial demand but also suffers from a drawback: it doesn’t pay off right away. It may take years to recuperate the high cost of going green, and many in the industry know this. This tradeoff has some people, like the sender of the email that Amy Hoak of MarketWatch received, questioning green’s true colors.

Home-Improvement Project

The matter at hand is energy-efficient windows; great for cutting energy costs but taking years to pay off. Wood and vinyl still dominate the market, but fiberglass windows are creeping up to the top. Although they’re the most expensive of the three, durability is fiberglass windows’ greatest asset. They appeal to the high-end social spectrum of affluent cities like San Jose.

If you’re less enthusiastic about the long-term payoff, at least you may find their resale value to be worth every penny.

Most buyers see new windows as a big perk. In fact, [Chicago-based real estate agent John C.]Kmiecik has seen some buyers decide against buying certain homes because the windows were old and needed to be replaced soon — an investment that would easily cost them in the five-figure range, he said. New windows also add curb appeal.

To keep the windows’ resale value from dropping significantly, experts suggest installing them within ten years of moving out. However, older windows can still hold substantial resale value, given proper care throughout the years. An energy audit report can also help with marketing the house by presenting it to prospect buyers.

Among the most prominent brands in the market are San Jose Milgard® windows. Whereas the standard process for fiberglass is extrusion, fiberglass windows are made using pultrusion, the polar opposite. Instead of pushing the fibers through a die, pultrusion pulls them through after a resin bath. The fibers are woven with constant cross-sections before being heated and cut.

Pultrusion creates some of the most resilient materials in the industry. The combination of resin and woven fibers provide higher tensile and torsional strength than windows made by traditional methods. Under California’s erratic weather systems, fiberglass windows can hold their own for years.

You can get Milgard® fiberglass windows from San Jose window contractors like SGK Home Solutions. They come in different colors and styles, as well as Milgard’s® Full Lifetime Warranty, which is transferrable to successive owners after a successful sale. It won’t last a lifetime when you do, but the next owners can get a 10-year warranty out of it for free.

(Source: “A not-so-sexy home-improvement project with real benefits,” MarketWatch, October 6, 2014)

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