San Jose Aluminum Windows Installation Reduces Weather Changes Worry

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Parts of California received torrential downpours for the second weekend in a row in February, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News. That weekend’s weather might seem chaotic, as the rainy days sandwich a dry Saturday, but forecaster Austin Cross said that it was a “typical” winter storm for California’s Bay Area.

Bay Area's storm A Sunday of downpours
With cycles of dryness and rain, Californians have a considerably unique relationship with the weather. In any case, they’re not that upset about staying inside their homes on a Sunday after the prevalent drought of the last few months.

To be a safe haven from changing weather conditions, every part of the home should be kept in good condition. Among the important components to pay attention to are the windows. If any window is broken, it can let it rain or heat inside, which can cause discomfort or even damages. If the window is beyond repair, or if repairs are not enough to make it as efficient as it should be, then it’s the right time to call a San Jose window installation contractor ASAP, and get a new window.

Window Frames

A critical component of windows is the frame, and the material in which it is made. One of the commonly asked for materials today is aluminum, which offer a lot of advantages, including those discussed below.

Energy efficiency – aluminum windows can perform greatly in meeting, or even exceeding, standards in energy efficiency. They can easily improve heat loss and gain efficiency by as much as 60%.

Low Maintenance – aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, thus requiring less effort in maintenance. It also doesn’t warp, split, crack, or swell over time, unlike other window frame materials. You also won’t need to worry about rusting.

High Durability – aluminum can withstand weathering caused by harsh environmental conditions. It can last longer than many other materials.

Reduction of Noise – aluminum windows can reduce peripheral sounds better than vinyl or wood windows.

Design Considerations – some people think that aluminum looks unappealing. However, there are lots of finishing options that can be done to aluminum so the frames can match the design or theme of any home. Also, the relative strength and flexibility of the material means it can be manufactured to exact specifications.

If you are planning to install aluminum windows in San Jose, contact local window installation services, such as SGK Home Solutions. They can discuss the advantages of aluminum windows further and recommend solutions for your windows installation needs.

(Source: Bay Area’s storm: A Sunday of downpours, San Jose Mercury News, Feb. 8, 2015)

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