Important Window Replacement Tips for the Modern San Jose Homeowner

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The idea of a window replacement can be a bit intimidating for the average San Jose resident. However, it does not need to be, especially with professional help so readily available in the area.

With good advice and assistance, this task can be turned into something fun, especially when one sees it as an opportunity to improve the appearance of the house, both externally and internally. With a fundamental understanding of the basic window types, selecting the right one becomes easier.

Important Window Replacement Tips for the Modern San Jose Homeowner
From the standpoint of functionality, windows are either operable or fixed. Operable windows can be opened; fixed windows cannot. Therefore, fixed windows let light into a room but provide no ventilation. Other things to consider before choosing a specific style are how the window lends itself to security, privacy, and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Budgetary options should be considered at this stage as well.

Double-hung windows are one of the most widely used types. They are made up of two sashes, both of which are operable. The top sash can be lowered to allow warm air near the ceiling to escape. Raising the bottom sash can then bring in cooler air. Some double-hung windows are made so that the sashes can tilt inward to facilitate cleaning. This can be especially important for windows that are on upper floors, where they are not easily accessible from the outside.

On single-hung windows, only the bottom sash is operable. They have the same basic appearance as the double-hung type and may be a better option in situations where the capability of opening the top sash is not important.

Individuals who would rather have windows that open horizontally, rather than vertically, can opt for sliding windows. With upper and lower tracks on which the windows ride, they can be opened and closed with ease. Up to half the sections can be opened for ventilation.

Accent windows can be used to give the home a personalized appearance. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are typically fixed, rather than operable.

Homeowners who would like help choosing the right window to enhance their home’s architectural style can consult with a San Jose windows replacement professional such as SGK Home Solutions, Inc. for other available options.



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