Ideas to Upgrade and Revamp Your Windows in San Jose This 2016

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Are you somehow getting bored with the look of your home? Do you feel like you could use some more natural lighting in your living spaces? Would you like to make it feel airier than it currently is? There’s always a good reason to ramp up your windows, and all the more so if it’s not working as efficiently as it should due to old age.


Fortunately, you can achieve both functionality and aesthetics with these trendy window upgrade tips for this year. You’d be surprised at how dramatic the change could be in your interiors just by changing the look of your San Jose windows.

Double the Size

If you have several individual windows lining up the wall of your house, it may contribute to your space feeling a bit too cramped. To really open up the atmosphere of your living room, for example, you can combine the space used for different window frames to create one big window instead. This should easily give you more access to natural light, and improve ventilation.

Tint the Glass

If color is what you want, you can add more personality to your windows in San Jose by painting the frames of the window with a pop of color. Either that or you can go even more creative by using stained or textured glasses instead of clear ones. It may be a bit risky, though, especially because colored glasses can darken up the atmosphere of the room. However, in the right location, it can become successful in giving off that desired effect of a colored glow in your home interior.


It’s up to you how you’re going to treat your windows but preferably, it’s going to go with the theme of the rest of the house. Making minor revisions, such as replacing the locks or handles with metallic locks and handles can already do a huge facelift to your windows. They may be subtle, but they can still add to that final touch to what could otherwise be a bare window.

Whatever design aesthetic may be your type, what’s important is to hire professionals that can offer you topnotch quality service, like SGK Home Solutions. Remember that your replacement windows should not also look good, it should also work great.


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