Get Both Aesthetics and Value with Aluminum Windows In Your Home

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Aluminum windows made its appearance on numerous landmark buildings as early as 1930s and 1940s. During the ‘70s, it became an even more popular feature among establishments that it was able to rival the dominant wood window type. Soon, more households have switched their old windows and opt for a more modern and sleeker look that aluminum windows offer.

Up until now, this window type is still prevalent and used by both commercial enterprises and households. With the passage of time, however, aluminum windows has been proven to be a good choice for homes as well. Out of all the window types available in the market, why should you choose aluminum windows for your San Jose home?

aluminum windows

Aluminum Windows: Then and Now

Aluminum windows was actually used as early as 1912 for railroad cars, streetcars and buses due to its “high efficiency as to weather tightness, great ease of operation, low up-keep costs, great strength and beauty”.

Throughout the years, this window type retained its reputation as the window type for those who want a modern look in their homes. Unlike the general picture that most people get when they hear the word ‘aluminum’, this window type comes in different schemes and colors that can match any color or design of a home.

Why Opt for Aluminum?

Numerous homeowners have preferred the elaborate window design that is offered by aluminum windows than that of a wood type. The strength of aluminum makes it ideal for window installation for any shape and size of arched or a regular window. You can now say goodbye to the picture of a simple, rectangular window in your mind because aluminum windows allow for more innovation in design and look that you might want for your home.

What’s more, you can combine the appeal of wood and aluminum together to produce an aluminum clad wood window. This hybrid window type uses the aluminum as exterior and the wood as interior.

Another factor that made aluminum windows sought after in the market aside from the aesthetics value that it adds to a home is its affordability. Aluminum windows still remain a better and more affordable alternative to wood and vinyl windows. In addition to that, this window type can resist splitting, shrinking, cracking, swelling and rust. You can now erase high maintenance costs on your future expenses.

Aluminum windows are just one of the living proof that quality transcends time. Perhaps, over the years, aluminum windows will soon dominate the market. For now, you can enjoy the luxury that aluminum windows offer with its aesthetics and functional value.

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