Fiberglass Windows: Evolving Window Solutions for Homes in San Jose

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Windows just keep getting better and better. Think back to the days when the glass in a window frame vibrated each time the wind blew. Although improved windows are not evolving at the speed of computer technology, perhaps the ultimate goal of beauty and energy efficiency has been reached. New materials, chemical formulas and ingenious insulating factors have finally created the ultimate in energy efficiency that was available in the past.


San Jose, California has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. Although sheltered by mountains, the temperatures can reach 100 degrees F in the summer months. Good insulation was never a factor with the favorable weather. However, increasingly warmer temperatures are causing air conditioners to run and overheat due to poorly insulated windows and doors. Milgard windows in San Jose have been rated by many consumer activists as having one of the best windows on the market. Together with a life-time guarantee, it will be hard to beat this new quality design.

Improved Materials

Fiberglass is a featured material in the construction of new and replacement windows. Fiberglass windows in San Jose provide maintenance-free care while adding a modern look to both the interior and exterior of a home. Guaranteed against glass breakage, there are also custom designs to highlight entire walls and never feeling a chill while standing next to them.

Creative Designs

Creative shapes and sizes are now available with seals that never deteriorate. However, with those that cannot conceive anything other than wood, this natural material, too, has been improved. By using an advanced connecting system, an airtight fit is possible. Advanced water management protects the surface and no painting is necessary. Exterior frames and trim can be made to enhance your home’s look with wear-resistant vinyl that never dents or becomes cloudy. Wood grain finishes are often used to stay in style with rustic exteriors of cedar.

Energy Efficient

With the availability of larger, more energy efficient windows, passive solar energy can become a staple of your cooling needs. And by incorporating what we now know about energy efficiency (low-E, U-factor, VT properties), outdoor beauty no long has to be hidden with heavy drapes. If you are unfamiliar with the evolving advancement in window technology, as it appears today, you are missing out on the beauty, comfort and lower cooling bills that they offer.

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