Choosing the Right Window Installation for Your Replacement Project

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Replacing windows is something that may need to be completed in a home every couple of decades, and this type of project will boost curb appeal, bolster property value and enhance your home in other ways. When your older home needs a window replacement project completed, the first step to take is to determine which type is best for you. While you may consider focusing on factors like single, double or triple pane windows, the frame material is also critical. The main frame options are wood, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum, and there are pros and cons to each one. You can narrow down the options by paying attention to these points.

Window Installation
Maintenance Requirements

Wood is perhaps one of the most traditional options available, and it also has an incredible look that many homeowners love. However, wood has the most significant maintenance requirements, and you may find that you need to sand and paint the wood every few years. Aluminum windows are often one of the most affordable options, but fiberglass and vinyl have the lowest maintenance requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when investing in windows. Fiberglass and wood may be the most energy efficient features, but many will choose fiberglass over wood. This is because fiberglass can take on the look of wood frame windows. More than that, the fiberglass does not have the maintenance requirements that wood does. Many also enjoy having a long warranty period on fiberglass windows. Vinyl has many of the same features and properties as fiberglass, and its more affordable cost makes it a popular option in comparison to some of the other window types available for you to consider.

Before completing a window installation project in San Jose, CA it is important for homeowners to review their own requirements regarding cost, style, maintenance and energy efficiency before selecting a type of window to install. A professional window specialist can provide you with greater insight into the options and may provide you with a customized quote for the types of windows that you are most interested in installing on your home.


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